Friday, May 14, 2010

Sagehen Forest Project Collaboration Exploration Meeting: 5-12-10

On Wednesday, May 12, 2010, a group of interested stakeholders met to talk about the possibility of collaborating on forest health treatments for the Sagehen basin.

Download the meeting notes, including a list of participants.

In this introductory meeting, the Tahoe National Forest, Pacific Southwest Research Station & UC Berkeley Sagehen Creek Field Station shared the work they've done to date to define the problem & the likely areas to be affected. Scott Conway, Scott Dailey & Kris Boatner presented for the Forest Service, Jeff Brown for Sagehen Creek Field Station. The panel discussion included Tom Quinn, Forest Supervisor; Joanne Roubique, District Ranger; Peter Stine, PSW; Bill Zielinsky, PSW; & others.

After the presentations at the Tahoe Forest office, the group visited Sagehen for a field trip to examine some of the issues, somewhat constrained by snowy roads.

Later meetings will focus discussion on what actual treatments [or not] will be best for each area. The next meeting date is currently being worked out on Doodle.


The PowerPoint presentations from the meeting are available for download here [105 MB].

Or watch movies made from the PowerPoints here.

Jeff Brown's introduction to Sagehen slideshow:

50+ Years of Sagehen from F. Felix on Vimeo.

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