Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American (Pine) Marten research in Sagehen basin.

The Sagehen basin and adjacent areas have been the focus of pine marten research since the 1970's, making the marten an indicator for monitoring changes to the basin forest.

The following are some theses resulting from this long-term research:

  1. Moriarty, K. M., American Marten Distributions over a 28 Year Period: Relationships with Landscape Change in Sagehen Creek Experimental Forest, California, USA. 2009, Master's thesis, OSU.
  2. Martin, S.K., "The ecology of the Pine Marten (Martes americana) at Sagehen Creek, California." 1987, Ph.D. thesis, UCB.
  3. Zielinski, W.J., "Food habits, activity patterns, and ectoparasites of the pine marten at Sagehen Creek, California." 1981, Masters thesis, UCB.
  4. Spencer, W.D., "Pine marten habitat preference at Sagehen Creek, California." 1981, Master's thesis, UCB. 
  5. Simon, "Ecology study of the marten in Tahoe National Forest." 1980, Master's thesis, Sacramento State University.

Selected additional journal publications related to Sagehen marten research:
There are more publication references related to Sagehen marten research on our Publications pages.

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